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Product Description

As dogs age, they can develop painful ailments like arthritis, hip dysplasia or muscle problems. That's why Big Paws pet bed is so crucial for your dog's wellbeing. This therapeutic bed will give your companion a comfortable place to rest and sleep. It is designed for medium-large dogs, provides incredible comfort and won't flatten out over time.

This dog bed is filled with thick, full 100% memory foam. We work with a factory that makes memory foam pillows & mattresses to manufacture these beds for us to ensure the quality would meet a high standard. Whether you are buying a bed for him/her so you can have yours back, or because you want the dog to have a comfortable place to rest, this would be a great choice.

Joint Protection: All Big Dogs need Joint Support, and even as Puppies their Joints need Gentle Support & Protection. Designed with Solid Orthopedic Memory Foam, this Big Dog Bed will provide the Optimum in Joint Support, ensuring Healthy Growth. The Ultimate in Cushioned Joint Protection for Pups, Adult & Senior Dogs.

Multi-Versatility: Big Dogs are prone to Age-Related & Genetic Joint Problems. Our beds are Perfect for Dogs with Arthritis, Hip Dysplasia, OCD & for Post-Surgery Recovery.

memory foam to support joints



- Thick 100% memory foam:
     - 12CM Thick for the Large Size
     - 15CM Thick for the Extra Large Size
- Mid-High Density Memory Foam used in developing mattresses for human
- Cushions joints and muscles to help relieve aches and pains
- Hidden Zipper-  Eyelid design to protect the zipper and helps prevent your dog from chewing on it;
- Removable, Washable Cover made with faux suede fabric; 
- Non-Skid bottom finish to provide additional protection;
Splashproof Inner Mattress Protector included to protect against accidental spills;

water resistant cover

Product Details

Size (CM):
       Large 107 L x 76 W x 12 H ( thick ) 
       Extra Large 120 L x 90 W x 15 H ( thick )

Cover Options
   1. "Chocolate/Grey" Chocolate faux suede sides, Grey sherpa wool top
   2. "Khaki/Cream" Khaki faux suede sides, Creamy White sherpa Wool top
   3. "Chocolate" Chocolate faux suede, without sherpawool top
   4. "Charcoal Grey" Charcoal Grey faux suede, without sherpawool top
   5. "Olive Green/Cream" Olive Green faux suede sides, Creamy White sherpawool top
   6. "Olive Green" Olive Green faux suede, without sherpawool top.

Warranty: 4 Years Won't Flatten Guarantee on the memory foam. 30 Days Warranty Against Manufacturer's Defect on the Covers.

Additional Note  This product is designed for Indoor Use Only | Splashproof grade water-resistant coating is on the inner side of the lining and not totally waterproof, it's for protection against accidental spills only. The breathable fabric is designed to allow some moisture to come out. Only the inner cover is water resistant, not the outer cover. Avoid soaking the inner light blue cover in water for too long. Gentle Wash only | While our beds are made to be durable, the covers are not rip-proof/tear or scratch resistant and not suitable for dogs with destructive behaviours | Do not use electric blankets with the memory foam mattress | Actual colour of the memory foam may vary | Due to the compressed packaging, it's normal to see small wrinkles around the edges of the foam which absolutely don't affect the comfort of the mattress | Please allow minor variance with the actual dimensions when delivered and expanded from compression

Firmness: Memory foam’s most unique characteristic is it’s temperature-sensitivity, which is what allows it to offer the custom-contouring this material is well known for. The feel of the firmness is influenced by the ambient room temperature. If the room is cold the mattress will feel firmer. This will quickly change as the memory foam material works in partnership with body heat. When the dog lies down on the mattress, the memory foam reacts quickly to the body temperature and softens almost immediately, and is able to create a surface unique to the dog everytime it’s used. So even if the foam feels firm at first, it’ll change when the dog lies down.


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