How to Introduce Your Dog to a New Dog Bed

20 11, 2016

The short answer:

Associate the new bed with a sense of security & happy experiences.

You’ve spent hours browsing, comparing and choosing until you finally found it – the perfect Big Paws orthopedic for your large dog. Not only it is the right size for them to sleep comfortably when they stretch their long legs, also the memory foam mattress is there to ease their joint and muscle problems and soften the pain and discomfort.

You’re hoping your pet is as excited as you upon receiving the new bed. But, they won’t sleep in it.


As a dog owner, what should I do?

Make the new bed smell similar

This trick is very popular among many dog owners.

  • Place your old and worn clothes onto the new bed to help your dog to identify it with you being there and a sense of security.
  • Blankets and toys with the smell of your dog can also help with convincing your dog the bed is something they’re familiar with.
  • Place the new bed cover under the existing one your dog is currently sleeping on. Once the smell of your dog seeps into the fibres of the new bed cover, usually a couple of days, re-introduce the new bed with the ‘treated’ bed cover to your dog.

Dogs have a superb sense of smell. To them, scents may be connected with past experience and even with emotions. This is the reason why many dog owners find this trick effective.

Place the favourite toys onto the new bed

Use their favourite toys as a tool to connect the bed with fun, pleasure, and enjoyment. The possessions are filled with the smell of your dog, which is the source of secureness for them. All that makes the new bed more appealing to your dog.

Lead your dog to the new bed after exercise

After a good exercise or when you’re dog is exhausted, they’re less likely to fight. This is a good timing to take them straight to the new bed for a good rest.

Tip: remember to prepare the bed beforehand, as stated above.

Positive reinforcement

Reward your dog for getting near, lying in and loving the new bed. This includes: praising, patting and feeding treats.

Last note

It’s important that you make the new bed a happy place where your dog can relax, have fun and feel pampered, so that they can associate the new bed with positive and happy experience, ultimately, a safe place.

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